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Our mission is to restore the degraded land in the Mena region that has been damaged by overgrazing, tree felling, droughts, floods or urban or industrial developments.

Menaqua solution:

Our solution is planting trees and restoring vegetation at low cost, with little or no irrigation and with a high survival rate. Menaqua uses state of the art, sustainable and proven Dutch technologies and knowhow.

Together with local and international partners we make degraded land in the Middle East and North Africa green again. This improves ecosystems and helps local communities socially and economically.

Menaqua works in the region in general and more specifically in Jordan, Lebanon and the Palestine territories.

Menaqua combined expertise:

  • Experience and deep knowledge of the region,
  • Expertise in water management,
  • Expertise in geological and environmental conditions.

Menaqua is well connected and draws from the expertise of academic circles, corporate environments, government officials and policymakers as well as of experts in the agricultural sector.


45% of the arable land in the Mena region is exposed to degradation

Why Land Restoration?

More than 45% of the arable land in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) is exposed to degradation. Causes include recurring or persistent droughts or mis-use of lands.

Degraded lands can be restored by planting trees. As Menaqua Land Restoration we use the Cocoon technology: a high-tech approach in planting trees.

With our solution land is restored in a simple and cost-effective way and economic and social conditions of local communities are improved.

Example projects:

  • The restoration of forest vegetation,
  • The enhancement of agricultural practices,
  • The improvement of the quality of the soils,
  • The advancement of proper water management.


We offer solutions and coaching services to all stakeholders to ensure a lasting impact


Below is a selection of some of our tangible projects


Regarded as one of the recent innovations in Dutch industry

The Dutch Cocoon technology restores degraded arid dry land into green fields, including flourishing vegetation and wildlife.

Land degradation is caused by influence of civilisations and overgrazing and has turned millions of acres in the Mena region into dry areas.

Our unique innovative restoration technology give these areas back its original green status within the boundaries of the climatological circumstances.

MENAQUA can help to restore millions of acres of dry land into prosperous green fields again.

The Cocoon is a small reservoir (a pot) of 25 litres in which water is stored for plant growth during the dry season thereby completely eliminating the need for irrigation.

The Cocoon is made of 100 % biodegradable material , has soil improvement fertilisers and fungi , and ensures the water slowly (within approx. 1 year) to leak to the roots of the tree. After one year the roots have reached sufficient moisture or ground water to ensure the trees to stand on their own legs and turn dry land again into green land.

The Cocoon is very easy to plant. One digs a hole, plants the seedling & protection, installs the cover on top of the Cocoon and then it’s ready. No further help is needed after the planting and after one year the tree will grow on it’s own with the help of the Cocoon technology. The survival rate of our seedlings is an astonishing 85-95 %.

We can, based on scientific research, help you to choose the right areas and choose the right trees. We can also help to ensure community participation, education, the job training and help to calculate the achieved CO2 reduction.

Contact Menaqua to build together on our green future.

woman cocoon planting


The Cocoon Planting System consists of a bio-degradable container surrounding a young tree. It is regarded as one of the leading recent innovations in Dutch industry.

The Cocoon enables the successful planting of trees in degraded and arid soils with less water than needed in traditional tree planting.

The container needs to be filled with water only once to help the young tree survive through its critical first year. A shelter protects the tree from wind and animals.

The result is a healthy tree, surviving in the harshest environments on earth.


  • Helps in restoring the top soil,
  • Improves rainfall infiltration into the soil,
  • Is a low cost product,
  • Is 100% bio-degradable.

More than 250,000 trees in over 20 countries have been planted using this technology.

More information

Check out our download section for more in-depth information and insights how Menaqua uses the Dutch Cocoon technology in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region).


We offer highly specialised teams tailored for optimal results

Jeroen Kosterman
Christelle Doumit
Christelle Doumit Project Coordinator
Mustafa Alfreahat
Mustafa Alfreahat Local Agent Jordan
Preethi Sridharan
Preethi Sridharan Agroforestry Consultant
Reinier Hietink
Reinier Hietink Project Manager
Lisa Thandeka Zengeni
Lisa Thandeka Zengeni Market Strategist
Herco Jansen
Herco Jansen Water & Soil Expert
Frederick M. den Haan
Frederick M. den Haan Financial Director
Jan Nonner
Jan Nonner Hydrogeologist


Below are some of our partners with whom we had a successful cooperation