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"I am Growing" awareness project in Gaza

The ‘I am Growing’ initiative aims to be an agent of positive change in Palestine. It embraces growing trees as the catalyst for economic, societal and personal growth.

The ‘I am Growing’ initiative – 2019
The ‘I am Growing’ initiative is founded in 2019 by Menaqua Land Restoration. The initiative is planting ranges of productive and non-productive trees in urban spaces selected by the Municipality of Gaza City. The planting was aimed at vitalizing these spaces and – in combination with various activities – create an impetus for and awareness around positive change in Palestine. The initiative was expanded in 2020 to include a multitude of other spaces.

This mission is supported by UAWC (Gaza), The Municipality of Gaza and Theatre Day Productions (Gaza).

Pilot Project in Gaza, Palestine

In Gaza, MENAQUA worked in partnership with UAWC to plant 300 (olive, citrus and almond) trees using the cocoon in the Training and Agriculture Research Center of UAWC, Khan Younes municipality, and in private farms in Bait Lahia.

Our local partners UAWC was able to secure the transportation of the cocoon with support of the Netherlands representative office (NRO) in the West Bank.

MENAQUA is interested in exploring further how we can grow the basis of knowledge as well as implementing in Gaza, with a particular focus of our angel investor of making impacts for Palestinians.

Project objectives

  • Replant olive and other trees on degraded Palestinian land;
  • Support farmers and families by creating income generating activities
  • Protect and preserve the environment;
  • Educate Palestinian inhabitants on the benefits of trees, healthy ecology and water efficiency.

Project Location

  • Bait Lahia, Gaza
  • Training & Agricultural research Center, UAWC, Gaza

Partners & Clients

Christelle Doumit | Project Coordinator