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Three Pilot Projects in Jordon

In Jordon, MENAQUA worked in a partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture of Jordan to plant 1200 (Pinus, Acacia, Carrob, Olive and Almond) trees using the Cocoon technology in three locations; Faisayliah in Madaba Governorate, Maysara in Balqa Governorate and Faisal Station in Jerash Governorate. The Ministry of Agriculture in Jordon secured the transportation of the cocoons with the support of the Dutch Embassy in the Netherlands.

MENAQUA and the Ministry of Agriculture have expressed the intention to cooperate in field-oriented research activities. Primary target area for research are the highlands of Jordan where a semi-arid climate prevails. The highlands form a contrast with the arid steppe and desert regions in the remainder of the country. The fruits of land restoration testing in these countries will be rolled out in other MENA countries.

Project objectives

  • Assess the scope for land restoration with an emphasis on (re)-forestation;
  • Enhance the agricultural development by planting fruit and nut trees;
  • Protect and preserve the environment;
  • Set the Cocoon technology to improve the efficiency of water usage and reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere by increasing the vegetational land cover.

Project Execution

  • Process started with a scoping mission to examine surroundings and take soil samples;
  • Selection was made for three locations;
  • Project started in April 2019 with a spring planting (start of the dry season);
  • The results showed that the scenarios with the Cocoons have highly noticeable survival rates when compared to the scenarios without Cocoons. For example, at Faisal Station site, 96% of the seedlings planted with the Cocoon successfully survived this very hot summer, unlike the seedling that were planted without cocoons;
  • The second planting phase with cocoons continued with the fall planting in November 2019 (2 months before start of the rain season).

Project Locations

  • Al-Hisha
  • Maysara
  • Faisal Station

Partners & Clients

Mustafa Alfreahat | Local Agent Jordan