Introducing Menaqua’s team of experts on land restoration in Jordan

Introducing Menaqua’s team of experts on land restoration in Jordan

MENAQUA Activities in November

In the first week of November, the Menaqua team visited Amman, the fascinating capital city of Jordan. Our program was divided in three parts: the workshop, the monitoring of the pilot sites in Faisal Station and Maysara, and undertaking field visits on Monday and Tuesday.

We started with our well-attended workshop on Sunday the 2nd of November for which all members of the government involved and potential clients interested in the use of the Cocoon were invited.


The workshop in Jordan was conducted at Faisal station.

A total of 30 people attended the workshop. The majority of attendees represented small agricultural companies. Furthermore, representatives from the department of agriculture were present as well as forest officers and interested individuals from universities.

“The Workshop gave us the opportunity to learn more about the needs of our partners and customize our services in harmony with these needs”.
[Jeroen Kosterman, director Menaqua]

Monitoring of Pilots Plantings

In the pilot locations of Faisal station, the spring plantings were monitored. Our team members from the Netherlands, with support from our local agents Emad and Mustafa, manually monitored the plantings using a Trimble, measuring tape and mobile monitoring application.

At Faisal station and Maysara, in total 800 trees were monitored under 8 planting scenarios at each site. At Faisal station, 200 trees of each species – Olive and Almond – were monitored and at Maysara, 200 trees of each species – Carob and Pinus – were monitored.

After having shared views on our land restoration activities in Jordan, we presented the Under Secretary General with a pair of real Dutch clogs and invited all participants to visit the site in Faisal Station. Mr. Baghat, site supervisor of the Ministry, along with his people did an excellent job maintaining the site and keeping it in good shape.

Upcoming Activities & Events

This fall, Menaqua is planting 400 seedlings with Cocoons and 400 seedlings without Cocoons in Faisal Station and in Maysara. Our team members will monitor and inspect the planting process to ensure successful results from the Cocoon technology.