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"I am Growing II" "لى شجرة" in Gaza


The ‘I am Growing’ programme aims to be an agent of positive change in Palestine. It embraces growing trees as the catalyst for economic, societal, and personal growth. The first phase of the programmer started in 2019 “I am Growing I, قلبى آخضر “ to create awareness on tree planting.


“I am Growing II” – “لى شجرة”  

In 2021, the second phase of the I am Growing programme لى شجرةwas expanded to include other villages. The awareness campaign specifically targeted school children. The programme consisted of 300 children and 10 teachers of our partner in Gaza Theatre Day Productions (TDP) who were preparing, executing, and following up on a tree planting workshop by Menaqua.


Project Objectives

  • Spread awareness regarding the importance of tree planting. 
  • Teach children how to plant and maintain their trees.   
  • Enhance the agricultural development by planting fruit and nut trees. 
  • Protect and preserve the environment. 


Project execution

  • Process started with selection four locations in Gaza. 
  • Menaqua was responsible for co-creation, advice on the themes for the video productions, Train-the-Trainers sessions for staff of TDP, to equip them with adequate thematic information on the multi-benefits of trees. 
  • 300 trees were planted by 300 children after the training done by the Menaqua team 
  • Workshops for drama and animation was organized to teach the children how to plant and maintain their trees.  
  • The children developed 5 animation films covering different themes related to trees and planting trees with the help of the TDP animation team.  
  • I am Growing II “لى شجرة” ended with an event to share and discuss the results of the children´s work. 

Project Locations

  • Gaza City
  • Al Qarara
  • Khozaa
  • Beit Hanoun
  • Beit Lahia

Partners & Clients

Christelle Doumit | Project Coordinator

To check the animation movies created by the children: