Frans Potuyt

Frans Potuyt


“For Earth’s Tomorrow: Advocating Change, Cultivating Hope.”

Frans Potuyt, Menaqua’s Chairman, brings a wealth of experience to the team as a former Dutch Diplomat with extensive work across the Middle East region. His role encompasses multiple responsibilities within Menaqua, including stakeholder management and project research. Throughout his career, he has consistently pursued the ambition of fostering understanding between the Arab world and the West.

Frans draws inspiration from the historical fertility of the MENA region centuries ago, formerly characterized by vibrant greenery, large-scale agriculture and forests. He therefore takes great pride in partnering with the Menaqua team to spearhead tree planting initiatives across the MENA region, contributing to the revival of its historical green landscape.

Guided by this ambition, Frans remains dedicated to advancing expertise in agriculture, horticulture, and water management among Dutch institutions and companies. He recognizes the critical role these technologies play in addressing the impacts of climate change, particularly in the Middle East.